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Welcome to the future of responsible business!
The ultimate ecosystem for trusted conscious suppliers, manufacturers and industry professionals in the home improvement and building industry.
The Evitat Platform has launched a marketplace where conscious renovators can buy products that have outstanding benefits to their health, the quality of their homes and our planet, social-proofed within our community. With our repository tool, the Evitat Logbook, your customer can measure the impact of your product and make the right decisions.
Your one-stop platform solution :Sell your products to a conscious-minded audience

Evitat is the first platform solution combining community, e-commerce and impact-tracking in one place. We make conscious home improvements simple and clever.

  • Future proof your business with rising demand

    Evitat is a fast-growing community of engaged Australian conscious renovators.

  • Sell the ‘Good’ in your product and company

    Feature-rich product pages to showcase your sustainable benefits and create a powerful selling point.

  • Capitalise on technology to focus on important things

    Efficient lead generation via the web, mobile, and messaging platforms.

  • A marketing strategy built on trust and transparency

    Highly targeted audience. Our renovator community is enthusiastic, conscious and well-educated.

  • Build awareness and influence

    Join bespoke webinars created by our Evitat experts to educate renovators about your product and company.

  • Tell your story of quality, sustainability and impact

    Our Evitat benchmark process creates unique product listings by benefits and impact.

Sustainable features are becoming increasingly important as more people seek out eco-friendly properties.

According to REA Insights, here are the top sustainable property features consumers are interested in:

  • 81%

    Solar power

  • 71%

    Energy efficient lighting

  • 68%

    Type & quality of insulation

  • 68%

    Airflow solutions

  • 65%

    The appropriate position of the home

  • 65%

    Rainwater tanks

  • 57%

    Position & size of the windows

  • 57%

    Window glazing

  • 47%

    Building materials ( e.g. sustainable and low toxic)

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Our trusted brands and partners

Evitat-approved businesses prioritise environmental and social responsibility, offering high-quality, low-carbon products, and supporting community projects. By working together with transparency, we can create a better world for future generations.