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Making your home renovation impactful and easy

Evitat is a simple home renovation platform powered by AI that helps you make better renovation decisions that improve your health, wealth and the planet.

Evitat provides

Free access to a community of like-minded home renovation peers and experts who share best practice, knowledge and experience together

A marketplace to identify and purchase products and materials that are healthy for both you and the environment

The Evitat Logbook, an innovative way to track and curate your great home renovation decisions and measure your impact

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Our mission

By 2030 we want to have motivated, supported and measured the impact of 1 million sustainable home renovators globally.

Reduce emissionsRemove30t Co2/GHGper average home renovation
Improve comfortMaintain20-24°C indoor temperatureyear-around
Source responsiblyDiversifyingmaterial choicesto improve health and energy efficiency

Our trusted brands and partners

Evitat-approved businesses prioritise environmental and social responsibility, offering high-quality, low-carbon products, and supporting community projects. By working together with transparency, we can create a better world for future generations.

Record and track your sustainable renovation choices

Evitat helps you identify solutions to match your renovation goals, with a seamless way to purchase products on the Evitat Marketplace and store your order record and warranties in your Evitat Logbook. Save time with all the info you need for your sustainable renovation in one place!

Measure, manage and track your impact

Track and analyze your renovation's impact with ease using Evitat Logbook, the perfect automation tool for any homeowner.

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