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About Evitat

"We're making the sustainable renovation experience simple and clever for the conscious homeowner. "


Our Mission

By 2030 we want to have supported and sustainably impacted 1 Million renovators globally!


We believe

To diversify the home improvement market supply through innovations and healthier, circular, low-impact product and service choices will significantly reduce the environmental overshoot.


Our solution

A new platform for renovators to improve their sustainable decision making and increase their property value through a simple easy to use experience

We are Evitat

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in product development, our team can solve complex problems through design thinking. We're not afraid to take on new challenges or innovate for the home improvement market - no one has done this quite like us!

The founder team

  • Sonja Markovic

    Sonja Markovic

    Co-founder & CEO

    Industry & Customer

  • Armin Towfigh Nia

    Armin Towfigh Nia

    Co-founder & COO

    Business & Delivery

  • Srikanth  Kondaparthy

    Srikanth Kondaparthy

    Co-founder & CTO


Advisory Board

  • Caroline Pidcock

    Caroline Pidcock


    Leading sustainable architectural design, advice and thinking

  • Dr Kate Ringvall

    Dr Kate Ringvall


    Circular Economy, sustainability & efficiency in the built environment

  • Ian Wong

    Ian Wong


    Co-founder & Vice President of Circular Economy Victoria

Extended team

  • Simone Schenkel

    Simone Schenkel

    Expert & event host

    Passive Home Design, Sustainability Engagement Representative

  • Michael Coleman

    Michael Coleman


    Legal and governance adviser specialising in IT, startups and sustainability

  • Kate Nicolazzo

    Kate Nicolazzo

    Council engagement

    Sustainability & Climate Action

Ready to make achange with us?

Let's join forces and make homes better together. We're looking for passionate people who want to do good while having fun!